LIFE 320, Ecology

Teaching ecology to a diversity of students

In LIFE 320, we discuss many aspects of ecology, from the physical underpinning influencing the distributions of biomes to modeling population dynamics for single species and predator-prey systems. We discuss some aspects of sustainability from an ecological context, the changes occurring in global systems, and reasons for optimism.

NR 322, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Teaching spatial analyses and computerized mapping to juniors

In the fall, we introduce spatial data, cartography, digital mapping, and spatial analysis to students in the Warner College of Natural Resources and elsewhere. Students learn GIS concepts in lectures, and practice techniques using industry-leading ArcGIS in laboratory exercises.

ESS 211, Foundations of Ecosystem Science

Teaching ecosystem concepts to Ecosystem Science and Sustainability sophomores

In the spring, we introduce students within our department to concepts of ecosystem science. Two of us share this course. I discuss topics such as primary production, herbivory, competition, invasive species, and global change topics. Another professor introduces students to soil microbiology and global perspectives of sustainability.

NR 554 / ANTH 554, Ecological and Social Agent-based Modeling

Teaching agent-based modeling to graduate students

Every other year in the spring, I teach students agent-based modeling techniques. In that approach, individual agents interaction with each other and their environments. Students do projects where they create their own agent-based models and use them in discovery.

ESS 486, Ecosystem Practicum

Providing field experiences to ecosystem science students

Before the fall semester, I join with Dr. John Moore in taking students to field locations where we meet with experts to learn about the issues they manage and research they do. We have visited national parks, monuments, and research stations to learn about how natural and human systems are linked.

NR 505, Concepts in Geographic Information Systems

Guest teaching GIS to graduate students

When the main professor for NR 505, Dr. Melinda Laituri, has been unavailable, I have filled in. In 2010 and 2014 I introduced spatial analyses to graduate students. Students did their own projects, learning techniques and addressing their own questions about spatial relationships.

Guest lectures

I guest lecture in many courses at CSU

I participate in courses in invited guest lectures, such as in ESS 220, ESS 411, ESS 501, and other courses on campus.