Past Projects

WAMS - In this education project led by Dr. John Moore, women are trained in the sciences.

ETHIOPIA - A project led by Dr. Paul Evangelista exploring ecosystem services in Ethiopian highlands under the NSF Coupled Systems program.

MACRO - Evolving avain responses to climate change using a multi-species agent-based model.

AGOUFOU - Coupled hydrological, ecological, and social systems in the Sahel

AK-MOD - I have done agent-based modeling to help study how households in northern Alaska share wild meats.

GNU - Wildebeest forage acquisition in fragmented landscapes under variable climates

NC-GCCE - Scaling from local to global: teacher professional development to proviude a framework for classroom instruction on climate change and associated environmental consequences

CWD - Incidence and rates of spread in Chronic Wasting Disease

SAMBURU - The impact of privatization on Kenyan livelihoods and the environment

BLM - Developing resource management and monitoring protocols for areas of extensive energy extraction

TIBET - Extreme weather events in Tibet

HWD - Understanding People in Places: human and wildlife dynamics

DREAMAR - Decision making by livestock producers in the face of uncertainty

HABITAT - Balancing elk and deer populations with cattle and habitat in Colorado

SCALE - Effects of landscape fragmentation on large herbivores

POLEYC/IMAS - Integrated assessments to aid East Africa conservation and human welfare

WITS - Responses by South African livestock raisers to climate variability

FRGR - Changes in wood frog movements in response to forest cutting