Active Projects

G-RANGE - G-Range, a global rangeland simulation model.

COMPHYDRO - I collaborate on a large project led by Dr. John Moore in which we develop modules for teachers to instruct high school students about hydrology and computational concepts.

ABC-CNH - I work with a team led by Dr. Gillian Bowser, with support from NSF Coupled Systems program, to understand how climate change and glacial retreat in Peru affects local livestock raisers.

HORSES - I work with Drs. Sarah King and Kate Schoenecker on modeling and management of wild horses in the west.

SSTEM - An education project that promotes science education as part of our departmental curriculum, led by Dr. John Moore.

WAMS - In this education project led by Dr. John Moore, women are trained in the sciences.

ETHIOPIA - A project led by Dr. Paul Evangelista exploring ecosystem services in Ethiopian highlands under the NSF Coupled Systems program.

MACRO - Evolving avain responses to climate change using a multi-species agent-based model.

AGOUFOU - Coupled hydrological, ecological, and social systems in the Sahel

AK-MOD - I have done agent-based modeling to help study how households in northern Alaska share wild meats.