Current Members of the Boone Group:

  • Allison Kohler
    Allie began working on her Ph.D. in 2020 on our project that is simulating white-tailed deer behavior in Massachusetts and New York. Allie is working toward a degree in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology.

  • Melody Zarria
    Melody began working in August 2018 on a Ph.D. program in which she will explore the ways that glacial retreat in Peru will affect pastoral people and landscapes at high elevations.

  • Gong Cheng
    Gong is a visiting student from China who is in an extended stay with the Boone group. He is working to simulate vegetation dynamics at the Central Plains Experimental Range.

Past graduates and other members of the Boone Group:

  • Arianna Punzalan (2020)
    She conducted a GIS analysis on California Condors, studying how likely it is for two separate populations to merge into a single group.

  • Sam Gersie (2020)
    Sam earned his M.S. degree while simulating the behavior of livestock at the Central Plains Experimental Range. He is now working on spatial analyses for the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Miao Zhongqi (2016)
    Miao earned his M.S. degree and studied how vegetation responds to grazing, and applying that knowledge to our global rangeland model G-Range. He developed a grazing model that allows primary, secondary, and tertiary relationships to be turned on and off in simulations. He is now in a Ph.D. program at the University of California, Berkeley

  • Jared Stabach (2015)
    Jared was the CSU Ph.D. graduate student conducting wildebeest research under the Gnu Landscapes project. He is now with the Smithsonian Institute.

  • Kevin Blecha (2014)
    Kevin earned an M.S. degree while he studied mountain lion prey use and its distribution, with support from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He now works for that organization.

  • Ben Wilson, M.S. (2014)

    Ben studied desert bighorn sheep in Colorado, with support from the Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

  • Gloria Summay, M.S. (2013)

    Gloria compared management issues in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania and the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve in Colorado. Gillian Bowser and I advised Gloria, with Gillian her primary mentor.

  • Emily Dommermuth, B.S. (2013)

    Emily was a Honors Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipient whom I advised.

  • Nicholas Bartush, B.S. (2013)

    Nick was a Honors Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipient whom I advised.

  • Katharine Fielding, B.S. (2013)

    Katherine was a Honors Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipient. She wrote an honors thesis on plans for a road through the Serengeti National Park.