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Recent and Selected Publications

Blecha, K., R.B. Boone, and M. Alldredge. In press. Hunger mediates apex predator's risk avoidance in wildlife-urban interface. Journal of Animal Ecology.

Boone, R.B., R.T. Conant, J. Sircely, P.K. Thornton, and M. Herrero. 2017. Climate change impacts on selected global rangeland ecosystem services. Global Change Biology doi:10.1111/gcb.13995

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Lesorogol, C.K. and R.B. Boone. 2016. Which way forward? Using simulation models and ethnography to understand changing livelihoods among Kenyan pastoralists in a "new commons". International Journal of the Commons 10:747-770.

Stabach, J.A., G. Wittemyer, R.B. Boone, R.S. Reid, and J.S. Worden. 2016. Variation in habitat selection by white-bearded wildebeest across different degrees of human disturbance. Ecosphere 7(8):e01428. 10.1002/ecs2.1428.

Stabach, J.A., R.B. Boone, J.S. Worden, and G. Florant. 2015. Habitat disturbance effects on the physiological stress response in resident Kenyan white-bearded wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus). Biological Conservation 182:177-186.

Klein, J.A., K.A. Hopping, E.T. Yeh, Y. Nyima, R.B. Boone, and K.A. Galvin. 2014. Unexpected climate impacts on the Tibetan Plateau: local and scientific knowledge in findings of delayed summer. Global Environmental Change 28:141-152.

Boone, R.B., K.A. Galvin, S.B. BurnSilver, P.K. Thornton, D.S. Ojima, and J.R. Jawson. 2011. Using coupled simulation models to link pastoral decision making and ecosystem services. Ecology and Society 16(2):6 [online] URL:

Boone, R.B. 2010. Simulating species richness using agents with evolving niches, with an example of Galapagos plants. International Journal of Ecology 2010:id150606, doi:10.1155/2010/150606

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